Miracle Security is a duty registered, licensed and bonded with New York Division of Licensing Services and we comply with all Federal and New York State Department of Labor guidelines.


Miracle Security provides uniformed guard services and our guards are duty registered and licensed with the New York State Department of State Division of Licensing Services. All guards are qualified holders of the eight hours pre-assignment training course and the sixteen hours on-the-job training for security guard, which satisfies the criteria recommended by the New York State Security Guard Advisory Council.


Miracle security verifies with the New York Department of State that the individual possesses a valid “Registration Card” which is current and has not been revoked or suspended. A “Registration Card” is a photographic identification card issued by the New York department of state indicating that the individual identified has been authorized to perform security guard functions.

Miracle Security does not hire individuals who have been convicted of serious offense or convicted of a misdemeanor, where the misdemeanor is judged to be (in the discretion of the secretary of state) of such a nature as to constitute a bar to employment. Or the individual has been denied authority to perform security guard functions on the grounds which would constitute a basis for denying, suspending, or revoking a registration card in New York State.

  1. Miracle Security requires individuals to be physically fit and free from any kind of disabilities, which would hinder efficient performance of the duties required of them.
  2. Individuals must have good moral character and very fluent in speaking and writing English language for communication and reporting events in the log-books.
  3. High School graduate or equivalent.
  4. At least three years of satisfactory experience as a Department of State registered security guard.
  5. Fingerprinting, Drug testing, and Criminal Check are performed for all guards.




Miracle Security requires security guards to satisfactorily complete the following training courses, the content, of which must be approved by the New York State Department of Criminal Justice:

Security Guard (unarmed) Initial Training Requirements:

  1. 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training – A general introductory course. You must complete this course and submit a copy of the certificate issued to you with your security guard application. You are only required to take this course one time.
  2. 16 Hour On-The-Job Training (OJT) – A course relevant to the duties of guards, requirements of the work site, and the needs of the employer. You must complete this training within 90 days of employment as a security guard.

Annual Training Requirement:

  1. 8 Hour Annual In-Service Training – This course must be completed each calendar year you hold a security guard registration. Your registration is issued for two years; therefore, you must complete two 8 Hour Annual In-Service training courses within your registration effective and expiration dates to be eligible for renewal.

This Training program may be administered by a security guard trainings school or security guard companies approved and certified by the New York State Department of Criminal Justice:

  1. All guards are trained on fore and building evacuation, detecting, reporting, and control of fire.
  2. Good human and public relation.
  3. Proper procedures for notification to police.
  4. Patrol routines, e.g. Vertical patrols.
  5. Attitude and appearance.


Miracle Security provides all items of the equipment and uniforms which are generally accepted as appropriate for security personnel. Our standard uniform shall be a Blue collar shirt, pants, and black shoes. In cold weather, we provide our guards the cold weather gear. I.E. Winter Jacket, Hats, etc.

Each guard shall wear identifying shoulder patches, a Miracle Security badge over the left coat pocket and they shall wear photo ID which shall be displayed at all times.

All guards shall be provided with an operable a pen, pencil, and Log-book.


  1. We shall be responsible for hiring and termination or personnel. The client has the right to refuse and guard provided.
  2. We shall execute our duties to the client in a very business-like manner and all dealings with the guard will be performed from the company, to the guard.
  3. All prices quoted on the Bid will be firm until the completion of the contract.
  4. Miracle Security shall be responsible for the continuation of the services to the client on an interrupted basis.


Miracle Security Inc. will effectuate the naming of the client as an unrestricted additional insured on the company’s insurance policy. And shall provide for 30 days notice of cancellation. And all additional insurance required will be provided.